Case Study
Monuments for All

 The Context

Our national monuments can help honor the historical, cultural, and natural stories of our country. As the Biden Administration seeks to advance environmental justice and conserve public lands and waters, the Antiquities Act is an invaluable tool the President can use to honor the diverse experiences of our nation and make sure these important stories and connections to land and waters continue to exist for generations to come.

The Project

Team DSB was tapped to lead the digital presence of Monuments For All (MFA) with a focus on bridging the gap between the monuments and local communities on the frontlines of movements for official designations for key natural, cultural, and historical sites. Our team is aimed at helping MFA build a new kind of amplification platform to organize, connect and teach with a focus on elevating the often untold stories these sites exist.


How We Helped

  1. Led social media strategy and management for MFA’s social media pages and email list
  2. Completed a cross-platform digital audit to maximize audience engagement
  3. Led a light brand refresh, including creating a simplified logo and updating branded materials using the existing brand guidelines
  4. Developed graphics, video content, and copy for use across the coalition’s main pages and key strategic partners

The Impact

As National Monument designation is the result of years of collective action, growing each platform is imperative to the protection of public lands.

Since November, Team DSB has helped MFA amplify local and national stories along with calls to action to 28,000+ people across platforms.

Team DSB has helped MFA increase its digital reach to between 371% – 1.4K% on channels including Instagram, Facebook/Meta, and X.